Harmony of the countryside

Fabulous nature, beautiful lake, fresh air – 15 hectares of calmness for the perfect relaxation – this is the Zichy Estates. Amazing landscape is awaiting you in only 90 minutes from the capital, where your body and soul can take a break..

This is the island of tranquillity where we can recharge in only a few days and continue our everyday life.

The Estate’s animals are always fun to meet, just spend some time at the fold and watch our playful horses, ponies, goats, lambs, and our famous donkey named Sanyi or just simply listen to the noisy poultry house. Emma, the elegant emu girls likes to keep her distance but you can caress our friendly rabbits anytime.

Adventures and programs

There are plenty of options to discover our Estate and its surroundings: just simply take a walk, or rent a bike or hire a carriage! Pamper yourself in our wellness, take a dip in the fun pool. Catch some fish in the lake or take a boat for a romantic experience. All these activities will make you forget the everyday routine. Full recharge is guaranteed.

Tastes of the countryside

If you had a chance to spend a summer vacation at your grandma’s countryside home, our dishes will take you back to your childhood memories – when you were safe, carefree, had nothing to worry about. You can enjoy the long forgotten tastes in all our dishes – the recipes are authentic and prepared by local women who cook in our kitchen.



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