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Harmony of the countryside

Harmony of the countryside

Fabulous nature, beautiful lake, fresh air – 15 hectares of calmness for the perfect relaxation – this is the Zichy Estates. Amazing landscape is awaiting you in only 90 minutes from the capital, where your body and soul can take a break.

This is the island of tranquillity where we can recharge in only a few days and continue our everyday life. The untouched nature offers various colours in every season that we can enjoy in Zichy Park Hotel: the joy of spring, the heat of summer, the chill of autumn and the bright whiteness of winter. Return in every season and enjoy the always renewable scenery.

The Estate’s animals are always fun to meet, just spend some time at the fold and watch our playful horses, ponies, goats, lambs, and our famous donkey named Sanyi or just simply listen to the noisy poultry house. Emma, the elegant emu girls likes to keep her distance but you can caress our friendly rabbits anytime.


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