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Countryside harmony in Bikács

You can find a special open air museum in Zichy Estates illustrating countryside life in 19th century. Historically correct equipment of farming are displayed next to an authentic Farmhouse, built in swabian style.

Countryside harmony

Next to the exhibition is the poultry house full of chickens, roosters and geese. There are also some other smaller buildings illustrating countryside traditions – smoking room and summer kitchen.

Nature conservation, traditions, classic values – countryside ambience

The main values of Zichy Park Hotel are nature protection and respect for local traditions. This place combines countryside tranquillity with modern features, classic values with latest trend.

Brief history of Bikács – Kistápé and the Zichy Estate

There are only 500 inhabitants of Bikács - this tiny village in Tolna County, which lies next to the main road 63. The settlement’s name is originated from the name „Bikach” which comes from the word „bull”. According to records this area has been populated since the arrival of Hungarians to the Carpathian Basin, as early as AD 895. 

Kistápé (formerly known as Tápé) – where Zichy Park Hotel is situated – lies to the east of the centre of Bikács and used to be a sizeable estate from the Ottoman conquest in 1520 until the early 20th century. Until the abolition of serfdom in 1853 landless serfs cultivated the land, after their liberation they became estate servants still working for the sole landowner and living in very poor conditions. Kistápé became officially a village in 1892.The hotel in its today’s form was built in 2006, presently operated by Eventrend Holding.

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